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About Amelia, Italy
Amelia is the only known female Vampire Elder in the Underworld series. She appeared briefly in Underworld and appeared in a flashback sequence in Underworld: Evolution. She is portrayed by Zita GΓΆrΓΆg.
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Amelia Earhart - Bottle Cap ArtPlaytime5682888323Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening! You'll see that seeing is believing! Day 17 of the πŸŽƒ31 Days of Halloween πŸŽƒFear not Ladies and Gentlemen, we don't bite (much) - it's Day 16 of the πŸŽƒ31 Days of Halloween πŸŽƒLadies and Gentlemen! Boils and Ghouls! Step right up on Day 15 of the πŸŽƒ31 Days of Halloween πŸŽƒFlea Market DollCheers to Fall!The Night Circus is rolling into town for Day 14 of the πŸŽƒ 31 Days of Halloween πŸŽƒRoom 6IMG_4280 - AmeliaLook into my eyes and what do you see this Friday the 13th of the πŸŽƒ 31 Days of Halloween πŸŽƒSneakyIMG_6738IMG_6737IMG_6736LMP_5023.jpg'grey's anatomy' recap: will amelia be the same after surgery?Grey's' caterina scorsone: tumorless amelia is more fearless, 'less angry'What will the new episode of β€˜grey’s anatomy’ bring to amelia? [spoiler alert]

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