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Dei Priori Reviews

The Dei Priori located at Vicolo del Comune 4, Amelia, Amelia in Umbria, Italy, has been independently reviewed by at least 34 actual paying guests of the hotel. The verified results of their Dei Priori reviews form the basis for the star ratings awarded below.

Results of the Dei Priori reviews:

Rooms: *******

Guests described Dei Priori rooms as and expressed that they were with them.

Service: ********

Guests experienced service and were with the hotel and its staff.

Facilities: *******

The facilities offered by the Dei Priori achieved a 7 star rating and were described as being .

Location: *********

Guests of Dei Priori believed that the location of the hotel was .

Cleanliness: ********

On average guests rated the cleanliness of the hotel as and gave it 8 stars.

Official Star Rating: ***

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